What are Some Bad Cat Habits & How to Stop Them?

Cats are a perfect companion and that is true, only a cat’s lover can understand it. Besides these are the most adorable creature a human can have as a pet. At the same time, it requires a lot of effort to train them to behave nicely. If you do not train your cat how to behave then it might become real trouble for you in the future.

The cats have some really bad habits, which can be a real torture for a cat owner. Thus, it is very important to know them and find a permanent solution to stop such habits.

For example, if your cat has a bad habit of scratching furniture, you must get something for her where it can fulfill its desire. Such as a cat tree, which comes with different portions for various activities of cats. The cat trees should be placed in a place where the pet usually plays, so it can become used to it quickly.

A ton of examples are available but let us discuss some real bad habits of cats, which creates actual trouble for the cat owner.

1. Not Using the Litter Box

Are you the one who also finds random spots or marks on your furniture and other places? One of the prominent habits of cats, which becomes a bad habit is not using the litter box. You will find random spots in random places at your home, which looks so disgusting. And obviously, it creates a lot of trouble.

Usually, a cat does use the litter box for elimination, but when your cat stops using it then you must take it under consideration. A couple of reasons might bother your cat to not using the litter box. One, that your cat does not like the litter box or the place where it is placed. Second, there must be some medical issue with your cat.

To overcome such issues is not a difficult task, you need a little more effort. First, visit a vet and make sure that everything is perfect. Second, you can put the litter box at your cat’s favorite place or a dry place. Because it is very important to keep your house clean with a cat. Changing the spot of the litter box will work best and try to force your cat to use it after each meal.

2. Ruining Furniture

Cats love scratching as they feel satisfied and love this feeling. But what if it starts using your furniture for this purpose. Some cats love scratching furniture and in return, your furniture looks too bad. It is not possible to change your furniture every week or every month. Thus, this habit needs to be stopped.

You can bring some cat food and toys, or something where it can fulfill its desire. A cat tree is perfect in this respect. You can put it at a place where your cat usually scratches.  So, it can save you from a lot of trouble in the future.

3. Disturb you while you are Sleeping

It is a natural cat habit that they sleep all day and become fresh at night time. The time when its owner is about to sleep, the cat acts as the craziest creature. She wants to play; she wants to enjoy and have fun at that time. Eventually, create a lot of trouble for the cat owner.

The best solution to stop this issue is to engage your cat during the day time in various activities. Paly with her and give her time to interact with you. Another tip that can help is to feed your cat before bedtime. As it will make her fall asleep quickly. So, you can also enjoy a peaceful sleep at night.

4. Play Biting

Another common habit cat usually have is they love biting or scratching on the hands of their owner. This habit at times looks cute but it can be fatal for health as well. First thing forts, make sure your cat gets the proper vaccine. In case, if she bites you do not get into much trouble.  Also, avoid repeating this habit with your cat it will be beneficial.

5. Beg for your Food

Last but not the least, cats have a really bad habit to beg for your food, whenever you start eating your meal. Some cats become over-excited when they look for food. This habit of your cat does not appear nice at all and it must be stopped.

You can fix a proper time for your cat’s feed and avoid feeding in between. Another thing you can do is you can set its feed time with your meals. So, that it will not bother you and focus on her food.


Described above are some of the bad habits a cat usually has and it is natural. Although cats are cute and the best pets to have but such habits can cause trouble for the owners. So, it must be stopped therefore, listed above are few solutions to some common bad cat habits. It can save a cat owner from a lot of trouble in the future.

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