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Auggie Dog Breed – Everything You Need To Know About This Adorable Corgi Mix

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Today, we will talk about an interesting mixed-breed dog. That is the Auggie dog, a name given to the offspring of Australian Shepherd and Pembroke Welsh Corgi. Here is a fun fact. For this mix, breeders prefer to mix the Miniature Australian Shepherd, to get a smaller dog. The result is a friendly, energetic, playful small puppy.

Sometimes, people spell his name as Augi, Auggi, or Augie. Or they call them Aussie Corgi mix. No matter what name you opt for, there is no denying this adorable puppy will steal your heart. Let’s find out more about it.

Meet The Breed

The Australian Corgi mix is a designer dog breed. It is not a purebred puppy. The mix is a result of crossing two breeds, the Australian Shepherd and Corgi. Both parents are herding breeds that come with diversity in size. For example, Aussie dogs can range from Miniature Australian Shepherds to rather large dogs.

Yet, for this particular Australian Shepherd Corgi Mix, breeders often use the Miniature Aussie.

This way, breeders get two dogs of similar size, allowing them to have a bit more guaranteed size for the offspring. If they use a standard Australian Shepherd, the result is a slightly larger dog.

Like other designer-breed dogs out there, Auggie dogs tend to bring out the best of both parents.

They come in small to medium sizes, giving them versatility for different environments and situations. They are generally affectionate, curious, and frisky puppies that thrive in families that provide plenty of attention, exercise, and stimulation.

As a medium-sized dog, the Auggie dog does well with people of all ages, including children and elderly people. They are generally friendly and sociable, able to live with other pets and animals.

Apartments are a bit challenging due to their high energy level. But if you can provide enough physical exercise and mental stimulation, an apartment will suffice.

Meet The Parents

When we talk about mixed-breed dogs, we often say that they get the best of both parents. So what is the best of the Pembroke Welsh Corgi? Or the Australian Shepherd? Let’s take a look at the personality traits of both parents so that we can have a better idea of what their offspring will turn out to be.



This beloved dog breed got extremely famous in the past several years thanks to Queen Elizabeth II. She personally oversaw a breeding program for Pembroke Welsh Corgies. Nowadays, people fall in love with their adorable butt-shaking and funny ears.

There is so much to love about the Corgi. Yes, individuals might have some unique characteristics, but there are common personality traits that we cannot ignore. Let’s take a look.

  • Generally friendly and sociable dogs, they get along with people of all ages, pets, and other animals
  • Highly intelligent dogs that tend to learn quickly and enjoy mental stimulation
  • Highly energetic and active dogs that love activities like running, or even swimming
  • They maintain their playful nature through adulthood, often acting like puppies even when they reach senior years
  • Famous for their loyal side, they form a strong bond with dog owners
  • Alert, this parent breed of the Auggie dog is always on alert, and they alert owners of perceived threats
  • Bold and confident, they carry themselves with a lot of self-assurance and bold behavior
  • Can be quite vocal, Corgis often bark to express themselves
  • While loyal and loving, they also have an independent nature and can sometimes exhibit a stubborn streak
  • Bred to be a herding breed, they retain their strong herding instinct in some individuals

Australian Shepherd

australian shepherd

Now let’s talk about the second parent breed, which is the Australian Shepherd. Also known as Aussies, they are intelligent, energetic, and versatile dogs. A lot of people mistake them for the Australian Cattle Dog. But they are two different breeds. Yes, both of them were bred to be herding dogs. But their appearance and temperament are different.

Aussies were bred for herding livestock. Their personality completely reflects their working dog background. With that in mind, here are some common personality traits of Aussies.

  • Intelligent, they rank among the smartest dogs in the canine world
  • Their working dog background makes them an ideal candidate for dog sports and activities
  • Energetic, they have boundless energy and enthusiasm
  • They do form a strong bond with their family as most herding dog breeds
  • They have a playful and fun-loving nature, enjoying interactive play and games
  • Same as the Corgi, Aussies have retained their strong herding instinct
  • Bred to herd livestock, they also have a naturally watchful behavior and are quick to notice any changes in the environment
  • Sociable dogs that enjoy spending time with families and other animals
  • Highly trainable, they have an eagerness to please similar to the German Shepherd


Now let’s talk about what your Auggie dog will look like. No matter when it is a puppy or a fully grown adult, you can be sure it will be downright cute and adorable.

These dogs have retained big ears and long tails, something quite visible in the Corgi. And they often inherit the blue eyes of the Aussie, making them look captivating. Combine that with the soft fur for cuddling, and you have a small teddy bear.

Their double coat can come in various colors. It is all thanks to the diversity of a designer dog breed. Corgis and Aussies have several colors, and their offspring can range between white and brown, or white and black. Sometimes they are darker, with a combination of black and brown fur.

As we said before, reputable breeders only use the Miniature Australian Shepherd for this mix. The result is small to medium size. They reach between 20 and 40 inches, growing between 10 and 16 inches at the shoulders. The maximum size they reach is medium. Yet, if your puppy comes from a Standard Australian Shepherd, you can expect a bigger dog.

They do have longer legs than their Corgi parent breed. That means they are slightly more active and lively when playing around.



As we said before, designer-breed dogs often inherit the best of the two parents. Such is the case with the Australian Shepherd Corgi mix as well.

They have a happy-go-lucky, friendly, energetic, and excited-to-see-you personality. When you say a happy dog, this is what most people have in mind.

Spunky and playful, they enjoy being around people or other animals. Yes, sometimes they might try to herd people and animals. But with proper socialization and training, more on that later, you can solve that herding dog instinct.

Bear in mind, this is a puppy of two highly intelligent dogs. As with most dogs with high intelligence, stubbornness, and strong will are part of the equation. They have their own mind. While they are trainable, you have to provide enough stimulation and rise to their level.

These social dogs love to be around the family all the time. They are curious and love to be included in all activities. When left alone for longer periods, they might suffer from separation anxiety. Now, they are not the Velcro dogs like Dachshunds or Huskies, but they do suffer from separation anxiety.

When they are outside, they might be a little shy in the beginning. But they will quickly warm up to strangers.


With parents such as Aussies and Corgis, there is no doubt that the Auggie dog is one smart cookie. You cannot avoid a bit of sass with all that smarts.

But if you begin early on, you should not have any trouble.

You have to be on their level of intelligence. These dogs get bored quickly. It is best that you train in short and engaging bursts than do a long training session. Always use the positive reinforcement method, with treats and praise. They do love treats, for sure.

There are two challenges we have to mention. The first one is crate training. Because they have a tendency to act up when left alone, crate training will offer a calm environment. They do not like to be left alone for long periods. So make sure to begin crate training early on so that you can leave the house.

The second is proper socialization. Yes, they are generally friendly and sociable dogs, but you have to provide interactions. They do have a watchful nature and alertness.

Exercise Needs

Like their parent breeds, Auggies are athletic and full of energy. They love to run around, join you on a hike, or go swimming. When there are young kids around, they enjoy running around and playing with them.

Their high energy means plenty of exercise per day. They do not need a gigantic backyard like other herding breeds, say, a Border Collie, but they need to stretch their legs.

Generally speaking, they need between 45 and 60 minutes of physical exercise per day. And a bit more mental stimulation with brain games.


Health Issues

When it comes to health, both parent breeds are generally healthy. And we know that mixed-breed dogs are even healthier. Yet, they are prone to some health issues like obesity, blindness, back problems, joint dysplasia, epilepsy, and hip dysplasia.

The biggest challenge is obesity. They love to eat. But Corgis should not eat as much. Because of their long spine and stout body, Corgis and their mixes are prone to back and spine risks.

Scheduled annual vet checkups to detect any health issues early on.


Australian Shepherd Corgi mix puppies have a double coat, that can often be long. That means plenty of brushing. These dogs are high-maintenance in terms of grooming.

They also shed heavily during blowout seasons. Generally speaking, you should brush their coat two times per week, and then increase it to three times per week during blowout season.

Why Should You Get One?

  • High-maintenance dogs in terms of grooming
  • Can be quite vocal due to their herding nature
  • They can be smarter than you

Why Shouldn’t You Get One?

  • Social and friendly puppy that gets along with everyone
  • Easy to train due to their working dog heritage
  • Adorable looks

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