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Boxer Beagle Mix – Everything You Need To Know About A Family Hybrid Dog

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In the past several years, designer dog breeds have taken over the canine world. Social media has increased its popularity, as we can often see mixed breed puppies on Instagram and praise their beauty and cuteness. One such dog is the Boxer Beagle mix. You might not even think this dog is actually possible and available.

But this hybrid dog has been quite popular among families with children in the past several years. The offspring of a Boxer parent and a Beagle parent is energetic, cheerful, and lively.

Meet the Breed

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The Beagle Boxer mix is known by several names, be it Bogle, Boxel, or Boggle. In any case, it is a perfect combination of a fun-loving, loyal, and athletic puppy.

These dogs are great family pets. Temperament can vary, depending on which parent breed is more dominant in the genes. Yet, it is a guarantee you will get an energetic, affectionate, and playful puppy in your home.

They are great for families with children, preferably older children. Yes, they will play with the family, but they might get annoyed by the young and jumpy kids.

Meet the parents


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When it comes to the Boxer dog breed, we all know some of the main personality traits. Those are loyalty, affection, intelligence, and good looks. They are among the most athletic dogs in the canine world.

Their beautiful looks and stature are well-documented. Standing at 25 inches, Boxers are a large dog breed that is athletic and beautiful. And then you have that wrinkled forehead that gives them an alert and curious look. Here are some common personality traits:

  • Intelligent and high-energy dogs
  • They are playful dogs that want to stay busy
  • Loyal to the bone, they love to be in the company of their owners
  • They will guard their family, but they are friendly around strangers
  • They will rarely bark, usually when they bark, there is a good reason for that


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Beagle is the second parent breed in this combination. And it is another loyal, playful, and energetic breed. This dog is known as the happy-go-lucky canine. Bred for hunting purposes, Beagles still retain their excellent sniffing ability, but they are more family pets nowadays than hunting companions.

Because they were bred to hunt in packs, they remain easygoing and enjoy the company of others. Here are some common personality traits of the Beagle parent:

  • Amazing sniffing ability
  • Friendly around other animals, even cats
  • Loyal, they stay close to their human companion
  • Because they are needy, they might develop separation anxiety
  • Easygoing and funny


Now we get to talk about the Boxer Beagle mix and its appearance. Generally speaking, this medium-sized dog grows between 23 and 25 inches. It is a bit smaller than its Boxer parent, which is a large dog breed. They weigh between 45 and 60 lbs. Yet, there is no standard set by the American Kennel Club.

They will have wide and big-sized heads and long tails. As athletic dogs, they have broad chest and well-balanced posture.

They have a short coat since both parents have such a coat. As for their coat color options, they can be quite fun and amazing. You can find this puppy in tan, black, brown, and white colors, as well as a mixture of these colors.


When it comes to your Bogle puppy, it can inherit the personality traits of both purebred dog parents. And given that Boxers and Beagles have a similar temperaments, you can expect a playful, cheerful, alert, social, and loyal puppy. They are also funny and clownish. You can expect hours of amusement and entertainment.

Given that their Beagle parent is known for its nose and natural sniffing instincts, Bogles are also good at it.

This canine is also protective of their humans, and while they do not bark often, they can bark at strangers. You also have to remember that because of the Beagle lineage, they can howl like other hounds.

While these dogs are weary of those they do not know, they are quick to warm up.


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Now let’s talk about dog training. Your Bogle puppy is easy to train and is unlikely to develop behavioral issues. But if they are not trained and socialized early on, they can get aggressive, especially toward strangers.

The good news is that the Beagle Boxer mix will take little effort to train. Positive reinforcement is the best way to train your hybrid dog. Get some dog food, and you can go a long way. Make sure to use sniffing and scent to your advantage.

Beagles love to sniff, and you can play games with dog food at home and outside. Start with obedience training as soon as possible.

One thing to note, do not ever try to scold them when they do something wrong. This might make your family dog grow to resent you and it makes dog training sessions harder and more challenging.

Exercise Needs

Boxers and Beagles are not high on the smartest dog breeds list, but they are quite intelligent.

It is just a different type of intelligence. These dogs are not as eager to please as a German Shepherd or a Golden Retriever, for example.

You have to use their instincts to your advantage. And by that, we mean using sniffing.

Remember, these are agile and athletic dog breeds that need quite a lot of exercise. Generally speaking, your Bogle puppy needs between 30 and 60 minutes of physical exercise and mental stimulation per day. Because they are athletic, they make a great companion for hiking, jogging, or similar outdoorsy activities.


One of the reasons why designer dog breeds have been popular lately is their lifespan. On average, your Beagle Boxer mix will live between 12 and 15 years. This medium-sized dog has fewer health problems than its purebred parents.

Yes, the Boxer parent is prone to health issues like epilepsy, intervertebral disk disease, cardiomyopathy, patellar luxation, hip dysplasia, allergies, and so on. But with a mixed breed, these risks are of lower percentage.


Some of the big selling points of the Boxer Beagle mix are beauty and affection. They have short coats, which means low shedding. Brush your puppy once per week to remove dead hair. They will shed more during the winter.

As for bathing, we do not recommend frequent baths, since your dog is prone to skin issues and allergies. Bathing will make matters worse. Two times per year is more than enough.

Why You Shouldn’t Get Boxer Beagle Mix?

  • This breed is prone to mental health issues like neurosis, which can require quite a lot of maintenance. Yes, the Boxer breed is low maintenance dog, but this mixed breed might be prone to neurosis
  • There is a lot of unpredictability, particularly in terms of physical characteristics
  • Because of its varying size, it might be challenging for most households

Top 3 reasons to get Boxer Beagle Mix

  • You get an active dog that will make a great companion to a family with an active lifestyle
  • Easy to live with, this loving and caring family dog is easy to train
  • Amazing beauty, your Beagle Boxer mix is athletic and gorgeous

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