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German Shepherd Golden Retriever Mix – Family Dog That Lives Longer

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Some people call this puppy Golden Shepherd. Others, know him simply as German Shepherd Golden Retriever Mix. He is one of the more famous Golden Retriever mixes, along with the Goberian, who is a mix with a Siberian Husky.

This strong, alert, fun, and charming puppy will bring so much joy and entertainment into your world. In the past several years, breeders and pet parents have shifted their focus from purebred dogs to designer dog breeds.

This puppy loves a vibrant family that can match its energy levels. But more on that later. Let’s go step-by-step. Do you want to know everything there is about a Golden Retriever German Shepherd mix? We have all the answers regarding temperament, appearance, health issues, grooming needs, exercise needs, and training challenges. Let’s go!

Meet The Breed

As we said before, Golden Shepherd is the offspring of Golden Retriever dogs and German Shepherd dogs. The two parent breeds are famous for their loyalty, one of the most loyal puppies in the animal kingdom. Their offspring is a lovable and highly intelligent canine.

As the offspring of two of the most beloved breeds in the world, this hybrid dog makes an excellent addition to a family with time and energy.

The origin of this designer dog, similar to other designer breeds, is unknown. There is no specific time, or first breeder, or anything like that.

What we do know is that by the late 2000s and early 2010s, the Golden Shepherd puppy began popping up in different corners of the United States. With time, the popularity of the dog increased.

Nowadays, it is among the most popular hybrid dogs. Sadly, sometimes, this puppy ends up in rescue shelters. But that is on the dog owners.

As with any other mixed-breed dog, there is no breed standard set by The American Kennel Club. AKC doesn’t recognize mixed puppies. But the International Designer Canine Registry does.

Meet The Parents

German Shepherd

german shepherd

The regal shepherd dog is among the most popular dogs in the world. And for a good reason. The German Shepherd has everything you want in a family dog. A dog breed, famous for its distinct personality traits, the GSD has filled many roles over the years. Among them are a police dog, a guard dog, a search and rescue dog, and everything in between.

So, let’s take a look at all the amazing personality traits of the German Shepherd parent breed.

  • A highly intelligent dog that can learn anything quickly, GSDs are praised for their problem-solving skills
  • Praised for its unwavering loyalty and devotion to the family
  • These dogs have a natural instinct to protect their loved ones, and everything that falls into their territory
  • GSDs protect children, other animals in the household, cats, and everything in between
  • Brave and courageous dogs, they will not back down easily
  • German Shepherds have a herding instinct, due to their origin and history as herding dogs
  • Eager to please, these obedient dogs respond to consistent and positive reinforcement training
  • They have a keen sense of awareness
  • They walk with a confident and self-assured demeanor
  • Family-oriented dogs that enjoy being part of family activities

Golden Retriever

german retriever

Now let’s talk about the ultimate family purebred dog. And that is the Golden Retriever. There is a reason why Goldens and Labs sometimes are among the most common television stars. Whenever there is a family movie with a dog, Goldens and Labs are at the top of the list.

Why is that? Well, it is all thanks to the amazing personality and temperament of the Golden. Here are some personality traits.

  • Renowned for their family and outgoing nature, they are friends with everyone they meet
  • They have a gentle disposition and nature, they are good-natured dogs, and tend to be patient and tolerant
  • Because of their good nature, patience, and tolerance, they can sit for hours while children touch them and harass them
  • Intelligent dogs that learn quickly and respond to training
  • Devoted to their family, they form a strong bond with all members of the household, including other animals like cats
  • Famous for their playful nature, these dogs are energetic and need plenty of exercise
  • Social dogs that get along with everyone
  • They have an easygoing temperament, often displaying a relaxed and laid-back attitude
  • The one downside might be their retrieving instinct, which is why they often steal socks at the home


With most designer dog breeds, it is hard to guess the size of the prospective offspring. Here, that is not much of a challenge. After all, we have two large dog breeds. And we can expect the Golden Retriever German Shepherd mix to be a large breed as well.

But aside from the size, everything else is up in the air. Hybrid dogs get genetics from both parents, and their genetics have not been ironed out. This is the difference with a purebred dog.

These puppies can have yellow coats and floppy ears, or black and tan fur with upright ears. Sometimes, they get yellow coats and upright ears, or floppy ears with black and tan fur.

As for their size, this large breed stands between 21 and 25 inches and weighs between 55 and 75 pounds. Their color mostly falls along the yellow spectrum, ranging from creamy white to dark golden.

Their fur is a combination of colors and patterns found in the parent breeds. There is no exact breed standard set by The American Kennel Club here. The only predictable thing is the large size.

And of course, we can guarantee the dog will have a long double coat. Both parents have a double coat, so be ready for a long coat with the offspring as well. Colors, however, can range between black, white, gold, brown, chocolate, and even liver.

Facial features are up in the air. We are working with a relatively new breed here, so we cannot be certain about what your German Shepherd Golden Retriever mix will look like.

Golden shepherd4 e1685636620140


Temperament is a bit easier to predict. The sole reason for that is Goldens and German Shepherds have fairly similar temperaments. They are both loyal companions, devoted to their family.

The big difference between the parent breeds is how they approach strangers. Goldens are friendly with everyone, while German Shepherds are a bit more alert and wary of strangers. Their offspring falls somewhere in the middle.

This mixed breed still has some guarding tendencies and instincts but with a friendlier nature. Truth be told, sometimes, he might inherit the entire temperament of one of the parents.

Another similarity, which results in a guaranteed personality trait for the offspring, is the ability to solve problems and please their owners. Your mixed puppy will be striving to please. And it is clever enough to make training easy and smooth.

These puppies get along with other animals and children. And their size makes them perfect playmates and companions for little children. Of course, you should always be supervising. But schedule plenty of playtime between your children and dog, and you will be fine. Their bond will be inseparable.


As we said before, these mixed puppies are among the easiest to train. They are eager to please, loyal, devoted, and have amazing problem-solving skills. A highly intelligent, however, brings other challenges.

While training is easy, you must be sure to get on your pet’s intellectual level. This dog will try to outsmart you and outwit you. They are quick to learn, and if you stick to the same basic commands, they might try to outsmart you.

Training is easy, but do not take it for granted. Mix it up, add new challenges, and continue building your bond.


We mentioned in the beginning that the two parent breeds are quite active. They have plenty of energy, and they need to burn it out.

As the offspring of two high-energy parents, the German Shepherd Golden Retriever mix needs at least 60 minutes of activity per day. That includes both physical exercise and mental stimulation.

The best way to get there is to combine training with some games. Fetch is a popular game for these breeds, but you can also try some other tricks.

But remember, you have a working dog here. And it needs to work!

Golden shepherd1 e1685636640153


If you remember, I said before that Goldens are the perfect dog for a family. So, why would you want to cross them with other puppies? Well, it is all about health. Both Goldens and Shepherds are in the lower bracket of healthy breeds.

This is why breeders have begun crossing them. With a mixed breed, you get a healthier canine than with a purebred dog.

There are still health issues and risks like hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, digestive issues, and so on. But generally, these puppies are healthier. Their average lifespan is between 10 and 12 years.


In the last several years, when people hear a mixed breed, they think it is a hypoallergenic dog. That is what Poodle mixes have done. But not all crossbreeds are hypoallergenic.

This one, for example, sheds quite a lot. And it is all due to the double coat. Be ready for some regular brushing, like two times per week.


The price of your mixed breed depends on where you get it. Truth be told, you might find one in shelters. And that will bring the price down.

Generally speaking, they range between $500 and $800.

Why Shouldn’t You Get One?

  • They can shed quite a lot
  • Require plenty of exercise
  • If you do not bring your A-game in training, they will outsmart you

Why Should You Get One?

  • Amazing family dog that can get along with other animals
  • Loves children and has a gentle and tolerant nature
  • Healthier than both the parent breeds

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