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Understanding Weimaraner Sleeping Habits – How Much Naptime Your Pup Needs?

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Dogs are mammals. So are humans. Our sleep patterns are very similar, yet, not the same. Dogs sleep much more than humans, and their sleep cycle is different. Now, you might be wondering, why does my Weimaraner sleep so much? Isn’t this an active dog breed? Well, yes, and no. Your dog is quite active and burns plenty of energy. So, he needs more rest. Let’s talk about Weimaraner’s sleeping habits.

If you notice your dog’s sleeping behavior is unusual, that might be due to illness, old age, or some other factor.

The Weimaraner is certainly one of the more elegant and active dogs in the canine kingdom. Originating from Germany, it was bred to hunt big game like boar and bear.

Personality Traits

Weimaraner sleep6

To understand your Weimaraner sleeping habits, you have to understand your dog’s personality. These active dogs are famous for their silver-gray coat and striking appearance. But their personality is why most people fall in love with them. Let’s take a look.

  • This highly intelligent dog will pick up commands and cues quickly and excel in training
  • Mental stimulation is one of the most important things for Weimaraners
  • These energetic dogs require regular exercise, otherwise, they might resort to destructive behavior
  • They enjoy outdoor activities like running, hiking, playing fetch, and more
  • An original Velcro dog, the Weimaraner puppy will be by your side almost all the time
  • They form a strong bond with their dog owner
  • They have a keen sense of alertness and smell
  • Might bark to alert their dog owner of any perceived threats
  • Social and friendly animals that enjoy the company of other dogs and people
  • While affectionate, Weimaraners also have an independent side
  • They can be a bit stubborn, needing consistent and patient training
  • Protective of their family
  • May be wary of strangers, yet, they are not aggressive
  • Weimaraners have a playful nature, ideal for families with active lifestyles

Why Do Weimaraners Sleep a Lot?

A Weimaraner puppy spends most of the day sleeping. Now, you might think that is the opposite of what an active dog breed is. As we know, Weimaraners are classified as hyperactive dogs.

But because they spend a lot of energy during the day, they will sleep a lot to recharge their energy. Typically, an adult dog sleeps between 12 and 15 hours per day.


How Much Does a Weimaraner Sleep?

As we said before, most adult dogs sleep between 12 and 15 hours per day. Weimaraners might sleep more because they tire out quickly. Weimaraners are dogs that burn their energy in spurts. They enjoy a high-intensity workout, and then they love to sleep and recharge.

Usually, the normal is 15 hours per day for an adult dog. Yet, these canines might sleep more. We have to note that doesn’t mean consecutive 15 hours. Instead, they distribute their sleeping pattern between the night and the day.

Weimaraners usually sleep 10 hours at night, and get the remaining 5 to 8 hours in nap mode during the day.

During their puppy stage, they might sleep out more. Older dogs also need more sleep as they tire out through the day.

Understanding Dog’s Sleep Cycle

We have to note that all dogs, not just Weimaraners, have a different sleeping pattern than humans. I said at the beginning that while we are both mammals, they have different sleep cycle.

For example, dogs might have three sleep cycles within one hour. That means at times during the night, they might be awake, then go to sleep, and then be awake again.

Some pet parents might complain about dogs grooming themselves or scratching themselves at 3 am, which might cause sleep deprivation in humans. If your dog is waking you up, make sure to put him in a different room than the one where you sleep.

Factors That Can Determine Your Dog’s Sleeping Needs

As a general rule of thumb, sedentary dogs tend to sleep longer. That also applies to larger breeds. With that in mind, here are some factors that might determine the sleep needs of your Weimaraner dog breed.

  • Age
  • Size and weight
  • Activity level
  • General health
  • Lifestyle
  • Diseases

Now, those are broad factors. When you look at them more specifically, dogs that have a more active lifestyle will sleep more. Dogs that are bigger, and overweight, also sleep more than your usual Weimaraner pup.



Should You Let Your Dog in Your Bed?

Some pet parents allow their dogs to sleep with them in their beds. Others do not. Some prefer to have their dog sleep in a designated sleeping area for the new puppy. With that in mind, here are some pros and cons of letting your Weimaraner pup.


  • Sleeping with your new puppy enhances your bond and helps with obedience training
  • You can sleep soundly during the night
  • Research shows that sleeping with your puppy helps people suffering from insomnia and similar disorders
  • Service dogs can be trained to help people with PTSD and prevent nightmares


  • Weimaraners are not hypoallergenic, and there might be dog hair in your bed
  • The dog might get in between you and your life partner
  • Dogs have different sleep cycle

Weimaraner Exercise Needs

Now let’s talk about your Weimaraner breed’s exercise needs. We said that these active dogs have plenty of energy. According to the American Kennel Club, they need at least 90 minutes of exercise per day. If you can provide more, even better.

As an energetic breed, this puppy needs long walks, playtime sessions, agility sessions, and more. You can divide the daily physical activity needs into two to three sessions.

Another thing to note. This breed needs plenty of mental stimulation as well. Otherwise, they might resort to some destructive behavior.

Here are some interesting facts. Weimaraners can manage a 10-mile run with energy to spare. Some even accompany their owners on marathons. A healthy adult dog will enjoy hiking up to 20 miles.

As puppies, they might look as if they have an endless amount of energy.

The best way to burn their energy is to combine a training session with a play session. You can do that with basic obedience training, but also with some agility training.

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