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When Do Weimaraners Calm Down? Dealing With An Active Pet

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kIf you have a Weimaraner puppy, you are probably wondering, when do Weimaraners calm down. Well, you should have been prepared for an active puppy. While many new owners know that Weimaraners are active, their energy is off the charts. Their wildness is legendary.

Some dog owners might even tell you that Weimaraners raise hell all day before they finally collapse into sleeping at bedtime

Origin of the Weimaraner

To understand the activity level of the Weimaraner dog breed, we have to look at the origin of the canine. Nowadays, these dogs are famous for being an elegant and distinctive breed. You can easily recognize them thanks to the striking silver or grey coat.

And if you adopted one of these puppies, it is time to get to know their history. Originally bred in Germany for hunting big game like boar and deer, Weimaraners are still popular as hunting dogs. Many dog owners still use this hunting dog, but they are more commonly utilized as companion dogs.

Their history has left a mark. To this day, they retain their strong prey drive and boundless energy. These highly intelligent dogs are among the most challenging to train.

While they are adaptable and loyal, their stubbornness and excess energy might make it overwhelming for some pet parents.

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Signs of Your Weimaraner Hyperactivity

It is only logical to ask the question when do Weimaraners calm down if you see the signs of hyperactivity on a daily basis. Here are some signs your dog has excess energy.

  • They are playful biters with powerful jaws and sharp teeth
  • Weimaraners might be teething hard
  • They are notorious jumpers, and if you squat down near them, they will come and tackle you
  • Weimaraners will try to climb any obstacle around the house
  • They often go into full throttle in the yard
  • They stand up to reach food on the counters
  • Weimaraners will try to run at every chance they get outside

Personality Traits

As any Weimaraner owner will tell you, these are not average dogs. They have plenty of personality to go with their amazing looks. They are spunky, goofy, crafty, sneaky, and quick. Sometimes, you might think your Weimaraner puppy is a clown. But that is not the case.

These dogs can dance, speak, jump, spin, give you high five, and more. They will often perk up their ears when you talk to them.

Most importantly, these dogs are quite smart. They can understand phrases and complete sentences like “Let’s go to the park” or “Let’s go out”.  With that in mind, here are some personality traits of the elegant hunting dog.

  • Highly intelligent dogs that are quick learners and will excel in training with the proper guidance
  • They need plenty of mental stimulation to prevent boredom
  • Very energetic dogs that need regular daily exercise and outdoor activities
  • Known to be affectionate, these dogs form a strong bond with their dog owner
  • Loyal dogs that are protective of their family
  • They have an independent streak and enjoy spending time alone
  • They have a keen sense of smell and are often alert
  • Weimaraners are social animals that enjoy the company of other dogs, animals, and people
  • Their playful nature is an excellent addition to families with an active lifestyle
  • Sometimes they are referred to as Velcro dogs because of their clinginess


Why Do Weimaraners Whine So Much?

Weimaraners are some of the more vocal animals in the canine kingdom. There are several reasons why they might be whining.

  • Separation anxiety is a common cause for excessive whining, so make sure to leave toys and fun for your puppy when you leave the home
  • They might be asking for attention. Weimaraners love the touch of their dog owner. When they are not getting enough attention, they might whine
  • They might alert you about an upcoming danger, as these dogs can sense something doubtful
  • Last, but not least, they might be communicating with another dog


Why Are Weimaraners Prone To Separation Anxiety?

As one of the more intelligent dogs, it is surprising that Weimaraners are not emotionally capable of handling their owner leaving.

They are quite affectionate, and love being around their family all day long. They are so emotionally attached, that they are almost incapable of functioning without their pet parents.

We have to remember, these dogs have a hunting history. They are used to living and functioning in packs.

Will Your Dog Calm Down?

Now let’s talk about when will your Weimaraner calm down. As these dogs progress into their life, you will notice they will eventually begin to calm down.

But even then, they are extremely active. Their hyperactivity tends to follow them well into adulthood. Some might say they are puppies that never grow up.

Usually, they mature around 2 to 3 years of age. But that doesn’t mean they calm down at that point. What it means is that at around 2 or 3 years, they will be more receptive to basic obedience training and other methods of calming.




How to Calm Your Weimaraner?

Even if you have a young puppy, there are ways to calm him down. I know it seems like a mission impossible, but it is doable. However, it does require a lot of effort, patience, and time on your side.

If you have a Weimaraner pup that is too playful and hyperactive, you should try and calm him down. Here are some strategies you can try.

First and foremost, you need to provide regular physical activity. This will help your pet burn out his energy and tire out his body. Strenuous exercises, like jogging, long walks, hiking, playing sessions, and all of that. Remember, an adult Weimaraner can go on a 10-mile run every day. That is plenty of energy you need to burn.

Besides physical exercise, you also need to provide plenty of mental stimulation. This intelligent dog needs plenty of brain games, puzzles, and similar activities that will challenge his thinking. You can try playing games that will stimulate his brain.

My recommendation is to combine agility training with obedience training. Together, the two provide physical and mental exercise for your puppy.

The next strategy is to give your dog plenty of attention. The Weimaraner breed doesn’t do well on its own. When left alone for a long time, they will suffer from separation anxiety, and that will likely trigger hyperactive behavior.

Last, but not least, you can promote calmness. How do you do that? Well, you simply reward your dog for being calm and well-mannered around the house. For example, when your dog is lying in his bed, give him a treat and say good boy. Over time, that teaches your dog that being calm and well-behaved gets him rewards.

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