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Do Pitbulls Shed? How To Deal With All That Hair?

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The American Pit Bull Terrier has quite a reputation. And when you look at it, it is logical that many of these puppies end up in shelters. But they are a delight to have around. Pitbulls have a reputation for being aggressive due to their history in dog-fighting sports. And they do shed. But you will be hard-pressed to find a more affectionate and loving puppy.

Today, we will try to answer the question do Pitbulls shed? This lovable snuggle canine will be a great addition to a family household. Read on to find out how to cope with shedding.

Understanding The Term Pitbull

First off, we have to mention that The American Kennel Club doesn’t recognize the Pitbull dog breed. Instead, it is an umbrella term used for several dogs. The good news is that the United Kennel Club makes a distinction between them.

Now, while the term is an umbrella one, every dog under it sheds. And they have a similar coat. Here are the four breeds associated with the term.

  • The American Pit Bull Terrier, not recognized by the AKC, is a dog breed that comes to mind immediately after hearing the term Pitbull
  • Staffordshire Bull Terrier, a slightly smaller in terms of height, but bulkier version
  • American Bully, one of the shortest Pitbull breeds, this dog makes up for what he loses in size in strength. Their short coat is glossy and easy to maintain
  • American Staffordshire Terrier, a medium-sized Pit Bull, with a similar coat to the other Pitbulls
  • American Bulldog, a descendant of the English Bulldog, but still mistaken for the American Pitbull terrier

woman brush pit bull3

Pitbull Coat Characteristics

Before we get to the point of whether Pitbulls shed, we have to talk about the exquisite coat of the dog breed. American Pitbull terrier has short coat. This canine has a single coat, which means there is no layered undercoat.

Dogs with a double coat, like a Siberian Husky, a German Shepherd, and a Golden Retriever, shed heavily two times per year to get rid of their undercoat.

Pitbulls, on the other hand, do not have an undercoat. So, they will not shed heavily during the blowout season.

They do shed year-long, but Pitbulls are generally considered a low-shedding dog breed.

How Much Do Pitbulls Shed?

As we said before, Pitbulls have a single short coat, but they do shed more frequently than other single-coated breeds, like Chihuahua, for example.

The good news is that their coat is short, so they do not need haircuts and are easy to groom and maintain. They have dog fur, not dog hair. And yes, there is a difference between fur and hair. For example, dogs like Maltese and Yorkshire terriers have dog hair, which has a longer growth cycle.

Pitbulls shed all year round. It is not a matter of “whether they shed”, but how much they shed.

Here is a fun fact. There is a difference in shedding depending on coat color. For example, lighter-colored Pitbulls shed more compared to darker-colored dogs. For example, a white Pitbull will shed less than a Blue Nose Pitbull.

Are Pitbulls Hypoallergenic?

No, Pitbull terriers are not hypoallergenic dog breeds. Yes, they can become on some rare occasions, when they are crossed with a hypoallergenic dog breed like Poodle.

But there are not many hypoallergenic breeds that have been crossed with a Pitbull. The Poodle Pitbull mix is one of the rare occasions when a Pitbull-type dog doesn’t shed.

How To Control Shedding?

While Pitbulls shed, there are plenty of options for managing the amount of shedding. What you have to remember is they have a sensitive coat. So, light grooming is the best option.


Regarding brushing, you need to do it lightly and rarely. Pitbulls have a single-layer coat, and their fur falls out by itself. It doesn’t get trapped between layers.

Brushing will help your Pitbull maintain its coat shiny and soft. Use a soft bristle brush to brush your dog’s short coat.

Start by brushing against the direction of the hair to loosen any dead hairs. Then, use the brush in the direction of the coat.

We suggest brushing your dog outside so that you do not have to worry about the mess afterward.

You can also try a grooming glove, and brush over the coat in a circular motion.


If you own a dog with sensitive skin like the American Pitbull terrier, you have to pay quite a lot of attention to the diet. Your dog’s diet is directly related to the amount of shedding. A poor diet will lead to a dog with drier skin, which can cause even more shedding than usual.

You need to feed your puppy with high-quality food, one that is high in essential oils, protein, and omega-3 fatty acids. This will keep your dog’s skin shiny.

If you notice excessive shedding or increased shedding, pay attention to the food your dog eats. He/she might be allergic to some ingredients and shed more than usual.

woman brush pit bull1


As we said before, Pitbulls have sensitive skin. Avoid harsh shampoos. Even a shampoo that is graded average can be troublesome.

When you have a dog with sensitive skin, an oatmeal shampoo is usually the best option. Pay attention to bathing frequency as well.

Bathe your dog once every four months. This will keep its natural oils in place. Otherwise, frequent bathing may strip your dog from its natural oils.

Why Do Pitbulls Shed Excessively?

In some rare cases, Pitbulls might shed more than usual. We mentioned before food allergies. But there are other instances. Do Pit bulls shed excessively? Yes, in some cases, they do. Here are the causes of excessive shedding in Pitbulls:

  • Stress from separation anxiety or other reasons
  • Change in your dog’s routine
  • Changes in diet
  • Allergies to certain nutrition products
  • Skin problems due to sensitive skin
  • Mites and parasites can cause fur loss
  • Frequent bathing or bathing with a shampoo that irritates their skin

If you notice abnormal shedding, or shedding more than normal, it is best that you consult with a veterinarian. Check for an underlying health issue. Better to be safe than sorry.

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